Improve Online Productivity

Top 10 Tips to Improve your Online Productivity

Working online can be really easy, no fixed time schedules or dress code. One can work in their pajamas from a space where they are most comfortable.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you are all set for your online business.

Unfortunately, this is only half the truth. You start working and when all seems smooth and quick, something pops up or you see an ad on the sidebar about any of your favorite online games or Facebook shows a notification and in no time you start to scroll the social media timelines and before you even know about it – an hour or two will slip right under your nose.

There are only two ways to increase productivity:

  • To increase working hours.
  • To improve your efficiency in same time duration.

No one likes to work longer for the same amount of money, so increasing productivity is always worth it.

All the techniques in increasing productivity are related to how you manage time by doing more smart work. You must be spending hours working online but still you didn’t see much of improvement in your results.  This is because you have been wasting time on activities which are not delivering any productivity.

A lot of people face this common problem. Researchers have proved that we only use 53% of available time, rest 47% of our time is wasted on useless stuff. It means on average of 5 working days in a week, we work efficiently for only 3 days.

Speed Up Internet:

Slow Internet

Slow Internet

A slow network can kill a lot of your precious time. If you are working online then you should have a speedy internet connection.

A slow internet connection can waste a lot of your time. You can do nothing about it instead of waiting for pages to load. If you are working online and you have slow internet connection, then switch to a fast broadband connection.

With the rise of the mobile internet users, most web designers focus on making their sites lite. That way, even with a slow internet connection one can browse the web easily. But then, there are various tools, too many open tabs and high resolution photos that do need a better connection. So, one just can’t ignore the value of a high speed connection.

Avoid Distraction: While you work, there are plenty of distractions that will disturb you. It may be your phone, your pet, your neighbors TV etc. which will try to distract you from work. A single click on the phone can cause wasting of hours of your valuable time. The best option to remove distractions that kills your time is by avoiding it. Choose a perfect place for your work, free from noise and hassles. Always keep your mobile in silent mode during your work.

Limit Facebook Usage: There are almost 1.27 Billion Facebook users worldwide. It is tendency of most of the people to use Facebook during their working hours. You regularly keep logging into your Facebook account to check up messages, News feed, updates etc.

It is beautiful to use features of Facebook to connect with friends, family, acquaintances etc. It also keeps you updated with the world but if you want to increase productivity then you’ll have to limit your Facebook usage.

The major time spent on Facebook is scrolling the newsfeed. Most Facebook users have this addiction of checking the latest updates. If you are suffering from this behavior then learn how to permanently delete facebook and you will find much improvement in your results.

Work in Interval: If you are working for late hours in one sitting then kindly pay attention on this. Sitting for prolonged hours is not beneficial as it affects your health, mental and physical ability.

Our body and mind is not a machine after all thus it needs refreshment after some time. A short break of 10 minutes after every 90 minutes of a shift is a good strategy to improve your online productivity.

This small break gives our body and mind enough time to relax. After the short break you will find yourself more energetic and freshen up.

Avoid Multitasking:

Multi Tasking

Multi Tasking

Many people believe in a myth that multitasking helps in improving the efficiency. Multitasking is not a good practice at all, as switching task degrades your performance.

You have been working on a platform for long duration and you suddenly move to another platform. This requires changes in the entire functionality of your work. This takes time to adjust to a new platform. Hence you should finish one task first and then move to another task to reduce response time.

Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy:

Fit and Healthy

Fit and Healthy

You might be confused that how fitness is related to online productivity?

If you are unfit and unwell then it affects your work performance. The quality and your work-interest will be tampered. Fitness and health also affects your mental ability. Exercise early in the morning everyday to keep yourself fit and healthy.  A good sleep is also required if you want to spend quality time on your work.

Plan Work:  A proper planning is crucial to do any work smoothly and error free. Planning phase reveals all the possible threat and problems that may arise in the future. Hence a plan for any work will cut much of the hurdles that come across in the journey.

Any challenge during completion of any task threatens us because we need to engage ourselves in solving that problem, which waste much of our time.

Use Tools:

Use Tools

Use Tools

With the latest boom in the technology, a lot of people are now working on the tool that makes life easier. Everyday hundreds of new tools are launched that could save a lot of our time and effort. With these tools you will be able to complete work in minutes which take hours of your time and efforts. It is really a boon for the people who work online to earn money. There are several exciting features in each tool with much lesser price. If you ever heard of such tools then don’t hesitate in using these tools. You will be much happy after using these tools.

Say NO to unnecessary People and Task:  I have personally faced this problem many times in the past, but now I have found solution for this. There are numerous people and task which ask for your involvement. Even if you are not interested, you do these tasks to favor them. If you help everyone then you will find less time reserved for your work and your sanity will be disturbed.

In order to say no to others you have to be modest and let them understand through correct explanation.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Each of us, who regularly uses computer know the importance of keyboard shortcuts in saving time. You may be using a few of these shortcut keys in your work. To improve your online productivity you should learn more of these keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts saves a lot of your time and improves your online productivity

Outsourcing:  You might have thought about hiring someone for your work but end up doing nothing because of high cost and resources. There are many people on the web who are willing to work for you on comparatively lower prices. With cheaper prices you could improve your online productivity many times.

Limit Social Media: There are many social media platform available where you can spend some quality time and entertain yourself. In this era it is a necessity for anyone to run several social media accounts. But plenty of people also have become addicted to it.

They stayed logged into multiple social media accounts and kept on updating their latest activity and photos. A lot of business professionals also use social media to promote and sell their product.

Social media should be used to an extent as it provides a great way to connect with our friends, relatives and colleagues but too much usage of social media should be avoided as it degrades the efficiency.

If you are using social media to support your business or trade then you should use tools, which provides the entire social media profiles under single dashboard to save a lot of precious time.

Set a Timer for each Task and Rank Them: Each task requires a specific time to get done. Setting a timer for a task will keep on reminding about your deadline and thus you will focus to complete it before the deadline ends.

There are also many tasks which you need to complete in a day. You should order them based on their importance to check which task you need to do first. In this way, even if you are unable to finish some of the tasks, it will be of less importance and you will be far less worried.

Choose Right Time: Every one of us has some specific time when they are most productive. You have to identify the time which suits you best. Optimize this time interval for doing those works which requires much of your involvement. Try to make most of this time by doing plenty of work in this interval.

There are plenty of internet users who face this common problem but didn’t pay much attention to it. All these tips are experimental hacks that any successful person can adopt for his\her successful career.

How do you find the post useful in your work? Have these hacks helped you in improving your productivity?  Do you have any doubt related to anything in this post?

Feel free to share your views in comments!

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